At 5 PM, I asked my flatmate out to buy some drinks at nearby Co-Op.

After buying drinks, she asked if we should go for some dinner as well. I suggested that we should have some Chinese food nearby instead, the taste and the price are not bad there. But since we are already quite away from our flat, we might as well have something more challenging.

We walked along Crwys Road and even considering City Road to find some nice places to eat. As I searched through the internet, I found some nice places along Crwys Road. We did find various food there, from Indian to Italian food.

I have tried the Indian one at other city, and our previous chosen restaurant (The Pot) was closed anyway, so we decided to try some Italian food at Svago Italian Kitchen and Bar.

I remembered one of my friend has tried dining there and she said it was quite decent.

Upon checking the menu, as we were the early bird for the day (the early bird promotion last for an hour from 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM) , we can order the 9.95 pounds menu which will give us some appetiser and the main dish. I chose some pumpkin soup for the appetiser.


Pumpkin Soup and Svago Martini

And as shown in the photo, I also ordered a 2 for 1 cocktail promotion (Svago Martini) for 6 pounds. As I haven’t tasted any Martini before, I expected some strange taste but it was some strong gin and lemon which is quite refreshing for a sunny afternoon.

My pumpkin soup appetiser were quite filling indeed. I myself prefer creamy soup for my Italian appetiser, which taste quite different than this pumpkin soup. As for the taste of the soup itself, I have no strong complain, but it was quite decent if not delicious.

Some thirty minutes later, our main dish finally came which looks quite promising.


Welsh Beef 8oz Sirloin Steak

What looks so promising is actually this juice, check out my close-up photo of the steak below


Isn’t this promising enough?

I cut my first bite first, well it did not taste so bad. I requested for medium-well done steak which is quite okay. However, I did not really like the texture, it was too hard too chew when it cooled down, and in the end it seemed too ‘well done’ for my taste. I’d prefer more juicier and chewy taste of my steak.

Besides, I felt half full already when my main dish came, so honestly I did not enjoy much. I tried to finish the meat and veggies, but I could only eat two pieces of the potatoes. It seemed too bad as I actually love these hand-made potatoes, which was sliced from raw potatoes instead of frozen ones.

Anyway Svago is quite a cool place to eat in. The atmosphere is nice, the waiters were attentive to our needs, and the food are quite decent.

I’d recommend 3.5 out of 5



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