Ed Sheeran Came Back with Two New Singles

Welcome back, Ed!

After two years hiatus from the music industry, Ed Sheeran finally made a strong comeback releasing not only one single but two at once. Ever since the announcement last week on his twitter account (@EdSheeran) that he will release new song on Friday, Ed also tweeted some seconds-long sneak peek of his newest music videos which built up the excitement. The new singles has been released for 10 hours now and the response has been amazing.

On Twittersphere, #EdSheeran has placed on the top five most used hashtag of the day. On Youtube, the two new music videos has reached more than 1 million views within this short time.

The first single is called “Shape of You” , check the music for free here : Ed Sheeran – Shape of You The song tells the story of budding romance in a blunt but passionate way. Unlike the previous genre, Ed has expanded his music to electronic genre which features more upbeat tune than ever. The lyrics and the tune are both the catch here!

The second single is called “Castle on the Hill”, check the music for free here : Ed Sheeran – Castle on the Hill The song’s lyrics vibe is similar with Photograph. It tells the story of reminiscing the past and the longing for it. The music is more upbeat similar to pop rock than the acoustic Photograph. This song feels more like the familiar Ed style than the previous one.

Having been received very well, it’s no question that these songs will soon be placed in the top ten chart soon!


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